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The National Federation of Licensed Professional Nurses (NFLPN)
is the professional organization for licensed practical nurses and licensed vocational nurses and practical/vocational nursing students in the United States.

NFLPN Mission, Values & Vision Statements
The Mission of the National Federation of Licensed Practical Nurses, Inc., is to foster high standards of nursing care and promote continued competence through education/certification and lifelong learning, with a focus on public protection.
The National Federation of Licensed Practical Nurses, Inc., is committed to: Quality and professionalism in the delivery of nursing care working with other organizations and groups in a cooperative progressive spirit to build strong professional and public relationships.

The National Federation of Licensed Practical Nurses, Inc., aspires to be the professional organization of choice. Dedicated to quality driven decisions that elevate the profession of practical/vocational nursing.

NFLPN Practice Standards
NFLPN Past Presidents

Membership is based on a two-tier concept of state and national enrollment (all membership processed thru national). Our membership focus is on the licensed practical and vocational nurses, retired LPN/LVNs, and the future of nursing, our practical/vocational nursing students. We also welcome any supporter of LPN/LVNs and have an affiliate membership level to allow those who have an interest in the work of NFLPN but who are neither LPNs nor PN students. Affiliate members receive all communications and may attend all NFLPN meetings but do not have the right to vote or hold office. NFLPN is proud to have members in every state in the United States.

We have state level associations in the following states: AL, CO, FL, IL, KS, LA, MD, MS, NC, NH, NY, OH, SC, VA and WI. If you reside in these states, your membership also includes membership in the state association. LPN/LVNs in these states have a different membership type and are considered Active members.

Please see the Membership Information or the Become a Member page on this website for membership type details. Membership is also broken down on the actual membership form located on those pages.

NFLPN was founded in the state of New York in 1949 to provide a structure at the national level through which LPNs and LVNs could promote better patient care and to speak and act on behalf of the occupational group. It is the only organization in the United States governed entirely by LPNs and LVNs for LPNs and LVNs. NFLPN is recognized by the other national nursing organizations as the official voice of LPNs and LVNs.

*NFLPN provides leadership for the nearly one million licensed practical and vocational nurses employed in the United States.
*NFLPN fosters high standards of practical/vocational nursing education and practice so that the best nursing care will be available to every patient.
*NFLPN encourages every LPN and LVN to make continuing education a priority for the purpose of personal growth and improved patient care.
*NFLPN achieves recognition of LPNs and LVNs and advocates the effective utilization of licensed practical and vocational nurses in every type of health care facility.
*NFLPN interprets the role and function of the LPN and LVN for the public in order to win greater understanding and appreciation of the contribution of practical /vocational nursing to the nation's healthcare system.
*NFLPN represents practical/vocational nursing through relationships with other national nursing, medical and allied health organizations, legislators, government officials, health agencies and institutions, educators and other professional groups which share the common goal of improved patient care.
*NFLPN serves as the central source of information on what is new and changing in practical/vocational nursing education and practice on the local, state and national levels.

NFLPN Bylaws Amended October 2012

*The NFLPN Executive Board has responsibility for the Federation's corporate and fiscal affairs. They are elected at the annual convention in accordance with NFLPN by-laws.
* The NFLPN House of Delegates meets and the annual convention to set policies for the organization. All members are urged to attend, to learn, and to participate. Only delegates are eligible to vote. Delegates are determined based on the state's membership. There are also delegates representing individual civilian and military members.
*The NFLPN State Presidents meet at the annual convention to make recommendations pertaining to constituent state programs and matters of mutual interest. They preside over the individual state annual conventions and serve as a primary communication link between NFLPN and the district officers and individual membership.
* The NFLPN National Office operates as a resource to its national volunteer officers and provides daily liaison with member by means of a phone, fax, email and mail communications. Call or write us whenever we can help you.

Continuing Education
Technological advances and the increasing complexity of patient care techniques and procedures have radically altered the healthcare field in recent years. In order to stay abreast of new modes of treatment and care, LPNs and LVNs need to participate regularly in continuing education activities.

Continuing education hours are not a requirement for membership, but the organization strongly urges individual commitment to continuing education. CE programs are offered each year at the national convention.

In 1968 NFLPN established the first national program in the United States nursing field to encourage, recognize and reward achievement in continuing education.

This first program - the Achievement Point Program - has been replaced by the adoption and implementation of the standards of the CEU (continuing education unit) for measuring participation credit for CE. NFLPN evaluates programs from hospitals, educational institutions and other CE providers and awards CEU credit for LPNs when the programs meet the standards.

Legislative Activities
Through relationships with regulatory agencies such as the National Council of State Boards of Nursing and the U.S. Congress, NFLPN enables policy makers to better understand the role of practical/vocational nursing in the nation's healthcare delivery system. As necessary, NFLPN sponsors legislative conferences. These conferences bring together state and federal leaders and interested NFLPN members for the purpose of sharing information and opinions about legislation which will affect the healthcare delivery industry and national healthcare policy.
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