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Membership is paid annually based on a two-tier concept of state and national enrollment. If you reside is a state were we have a state level association, your dues include both state and national dues. If you do not reside in one of those states, your dues are for national only.

A complete breakdown of our dues structure is located on our membership form. Click HERE to view and print the membership form. Also, you can scroll down on this page to see the

You may also go to the Become a Member page above to complete your online application.

The NFLPN represents the many needs of LP/VNs nationwide. Listed below are the benefits of belonging to the only national organization representing the LP/VN profession in the United States.


Newsletter Publications

On a quarterly basis, NFLPN posts a newsletter which is emailed to all current NFLPN members with valid email on file. Otherwise, our newsletters are available on our Newsletters page, linked to the Home page. We try to include reports of NFLPN activities on the state and national scene, articles of professional and personal interest, health industry trends, career information, legislative notes, announcements of coming events such as an annual convention, conferences and continuing education opportunities, and much more.


Legislative Voice

*Approved CE Courses through NFLPN Providership
*Annual Convention (National and State)
*Student Day Program (National and State)
*Educational Foundation - Certification Program in IV Theraphy and Gerontology
*NFLPN Scholarships - when available

Discounts for certifications through the NFLPN Education Foundation.

Discounts through partner companies for training and certifications: Legal Nurse Consulting, Wound Care, End-of-Life, Mental Health First Aid,

FREE online CEs through our Growing Up With Us subscription.

Monitor Legislation to ensure the inclusion and proper representation of LP/VNs in new legislation

Insurance Benefits
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Nurses Service Organization (NSO)
All practicing licensed practical nurses should carry their own professional liability insurance and NFLPN has selected NSO as the program best suited for its members. This plan is designed to meet the unique needs of today’s Nursing professionals and students of nursing as well as Home Health Care & Staffing Agencies.

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National and State Dues Only -
Local or District Dues Not Included
Membership type
Annual fee


(includes state)


Active - An LPN/LVN residing in any of the following states where we also have a state association.

(AL, CO, FL, IL, LA, MD, MS, NC, OH, SC, VA, and WI) 


(inc. state if applicaple)


Retired - An LP/VN who has achieved retirement age or has retired due to disability may become a retired member with a reduction in annual dues.

MILITARY $70.00 Military - An LPN/LVN that is currently an active, guard or reserve servicemember.


(inc. state if applicable)



Student - A practical or vocational student currently enrolled in an approved school of nursing. Renewal of membership as an active or individual member of NFLPN shall be contingent upon having obtained LP/VN licensure. ONLY PN/VN students are eligible for this membership type.

AFFILIATE $60.00 Affiliate - Someone who is not a licensed practical nurse but who is interested in promoting the objectives of NFLPN. (RN, APN, Dr., EMT, etc) 
INTERNATIONAL $70.00 International - An LPN/LVN equivolent that resides outside the U.S. who wishes to support NFLPN.
(At Large)
$70.00 Individual - LPN/LVN residing in a state where we do not have a state level association. (see list of states above)


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